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Impact Management

Impact management is the new term for what was previously known in various guises as M&E (monitoring and evaluation), MEL (monitoring evaluation and learning), MEAL (monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning), PMEAL (planning, monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning), IA (impact assessment), IE (impact evaluation) or impact measurement (IMe).  These terms are not all exactly coterminous, but basically generally mean the same thing...

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Lean Start Up Theory

If there was ever a theory of organisational effectiveness that deserved the description 'buzzword', it's this one. Beloved of Silicon Valley and private company execs throughout the world, it refers to a particular way of creating and running new companies.  So what is 'lean' (as its rather fervent disciples like to call it)?

The classic example of LST always given is ...

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Co-production is a subject close to the hearts of all of us here at SERC.  For that reason, we're very critical if it's done badly, or - worst of all - cynically (for example, when it's just used as a new piece of jargon, or as a way of papering over cuts to services, or as a way to abdicate responsibility for decisions).

But if done well, then in our experience it is probably the most socially effective way to run an organisation of them all. 

So what is it?  Well, in the simplest terms, it simply means...

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Fundraising Futures

All social projects need resources. With volunteering rates in long-term and (unless David Cameron can save the day) potentially irreversible decline, now more than ever it is properly funded projects and organisations that will make the difference in terms of increasing the social good in the UK.

Even the most volunteer-heavy project is far from cost-free.  And there are many other looming clouds on the horizon that might make any organisation want to focus even more on fundraising...

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