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The Social Effectiveness Research Centre is an association of leading experts in the field of social effectiveness.  We are brought together by a common interest in helping increase the impact of work done by social organisations and projects in the UK.


Our starting point is that organisations and projects already contain within them the potential knowledge and learning that could lead to better solutions to many of the problems facing society.


Currently that learning is often lost, especially by smaller projects and programmes, amid the daily pressures facing organisations working for the social good.  That learning can also often go unheeded by larger organisations or government and society more widely.


SERC exists to try to redress this situation - and help social groups, projects and organisations in particular to identify and amplify the learning they already have in their midst - through collecting in one place the most useful theories, learning and best practice experiences of other similar projects.


Our community-based approach and combined experience of working in the social sector suggests that the most valuable insights begin at the grassroots level, whatever the size of the project or organisation.


We at SERC believe that all projects and organisations could also learn, and society as a whole benefit, from having all the disparate best practice and learning from voluntary, statutory and community projects gathered together in one place.


If you are a social group, project or organisation and have or know of any resources you feel could be added to the virtual information library, then get in touch and let us know.  Likewise if you have any questions or would like any other help from SERC or its members, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us by any of the other means on the Contact page.