SERC's virtual information library is a one-stop resource for reports, publications, articles, web pages, videos and other resources relating to social effectiveness. The library is curated by our expert members to address the issue of social effectiveness from a number of different perspectives. All potential entries are subject to vetting for relevance and quality, meaning everything within it has been chosen for its usefulness to the issue of social effectiveness.


Please note that SERC does not own the intellectual property rights to any of the resources linked to and takes no responsibility for any misuse of the resources.


Each resource in the library is accompanied by a short summary of its content and purpose, along with links to further information.  All the resources and further information links have been carefully chosen by us as the best, most concise, most accessible sources on the learning, theory or idea in question.


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The Information Library will be added to regularly on an ongoing basis. If you feel there is a resource which would be a good addition to the library, just get in touch and we will be happy to review the resource in question!